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Homer, Alaska

"Halibut Fishing Capital of this Planet Earth"

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So, Let's Go HALIBUT FISHING in Homer !!

Pacific Halibut ( Hippoglossus stenolepis ) is the largest and most desired of the sport caught bottom fish. Halibut fishing is fun and halibut is the finest of table fare. Homer, Alaska is The Place to go halibut fishing - a vast fishing area, lighter weights used, scenic views, wildlife, even whales, and halibut, lots of halibut. Halibut is king in Homer, Alaska.

Alaska Fishing at it's Best

So, Let's go Halibutting !

Capt. Scott's Halibut Charters offers an exciting day of Halibut fishing upon the sheltered waters of Lower Cook Inlet and Kachemak Bay. Let's go Halibut fishing.

bullet running halibut charters out of Homer since 1983
bullet knows the fishery very well
bullet fishing comfort is always one of his main concerns
bullet the boat is safe, comfortable, clean restroom, user friendly deck space
bullet good prices
bullet he is a pleasant fellow to spend a day fishing with
bullet specializing in Halibut fishing

Homer Halibut Fishing has always been funtastic.

bullet also caught while halibut fishing - cod, rockfish, salmon, rays, dogfish, octopus, bottom, rock, kelp
bullet not caught while halibut fishing - sea otters, puffin, porpoise, whales, jellyfish, bait robbers, thieves
bullet departs harbor at 7 am, good real-time weather reports by then
bullet likes a comfortable boat speed in varying water conditions
bullet octopus & herring bait

New Attraction! Watch the fish as you catch them!
For the last 3 years, I've been doing underwater video on board the Mako with outstanding results. We watch first hand, on a Color TV screen, as halibut and rockfish swim around in their natural environment. People have described it as "a window to another world!", "an awesome learning tool", "just as I imagined it would be!", "totally different than I thought!"...  I can now make VHS tapes or DVDs of your fishing experience.

Watch the fish as you catch them!
Click HERE for our underwater video page

Nice halibut, another good day fishing

Take the whole boat Halibutting, this family did


Halibut fishing involves fishing the bottom of the sea. Most of the time there is something going on down there. That means action that means fun that means that bite could be a HALIBUT.

Halibut fishing is easy. Put the bait on the bottom and hang on to that pole because one never knows when that mighty HALIBUT will hook up. No special technique to learn, one quickly develops their own personal fishing style.

Reeling up a halibut requires a bit more effort and that's when halibut fishing gets reel exciting. Not all halibut fight the same. Some halibut are lazy on the line some are feisty. Most halibut come up fighting with a bit of an attitude.

Oh, Yea, some
HALIBUT are big!!!
" Fishing will never be the same " " We had a blast "
" I would do that again " " You got any openings tomorrow "

- That's Homer Alaska Halibut Fishing  -

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